Residential Products

There should be no price on protecting your family. iCam can provide you with a protected household when away or simply being at home. Cameras can be placed in almost any area desired to watch over the front door, garage, yard, etc. Days at the office or business trips will not disconnect you from your home.

iCam is an installed camera system that allows you to monitor the camera feed from any computer with internet access.

With the ability to carefully and clearly watch over your home and family you will gain a safe and secure sense of mind when away.

Password protected viewing of the camera feed. Access the footage anytime from anywhere on any computer with internet access.

iCam DVRs record and store all camera footage. At any time, review saved footage remotely and view it from anywhere. Video history is only clicks away.

Cameras provide high quality video and are available with night vision, weather resistance, pan/tilt/zoom, or all of the above, and can be placed almost anywhere.

For more information on iCam Video Systems call (217) 522-6700 and ask about installing iCam in your home or business today.